Vilma Oil

Vilma Oil

Since 1996

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Transmitting energy

The company’s most important asset is our workforce, a passionate team of 50 highly qualified professionals committed to provide added-value services to our clients and suppliers.

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At Vilma oil we strive to provide value-added services for our customers by creating successful partnerships. Our pledge is to establish a sustainable organization of qualified creative professionals.

Vilma oil was founded in Madrid, Spain in 1996 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs from the International oil trading sector.

At the same time, opportunities developed to provide similar services to new public and private companies being established throughout the former Soviet Union.

As a result of our consistent positive performance and the confidence placed in us by our partners, customers and the financial community, Vilma oil has grown continuously since inception, becoming an established and highly respected player in the oil trading world.

Vilma oil’s employees are continuously trained internally and externally to ensure first-rate personnel skills, safeguarding the company’s sustainability and development.


Besides the successful core oil trading business, we support a foundation called Veron, cooperating with several encouraging initiatives aiming to offer a brighter future for those living in underprivileged populations. An organization that develops, collaborates and supports educational projects and initiatives that improve the quality of learning, teaching, personal development and socio-labour integration. The beneficiaries of their work are young people in vulnerability, promoting their labour inclusion and their entrepreneurial initiative.


understanding the bigger picture

The ability of understanding  the global needs, requirements and flows. Being creative and quick to continuously search for the best solutions.

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For us trading means the art of commerce. Ensuring safe, solid and dependable logistics combined with measured, intelligent price- risk.

Vilma oil trades yearly more than 4 million metric tons of petroleum products (LPG, Naphtha, Fuel oil and Gasoil) operating in more than 25 countries around the world.

Our customers include all key players across the trading space, ranging from petrochemical producers, banks, trading houses and integrated oil majors.

Bunker Supply

Strategically located in the strait of Gibraltar

Vilma has developed a first-class bunkering service in the port of Ceuta based on quality and time efficiency. More than 2,000 ships are supplied every year.

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As a natural extension of our established trading activities, in 2006 Vilma oil started physical bunker supply operations at the port of Ceuta.

Being strategically located in the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the world’s busiest seaways with over 100,000 vessels transiting each year, Ceuta is ideally situated for a bunkering operation.

With a time-chartered bunker barge Vilma also supplies vessels that cannot go into the port.


Vilma Oil